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The Mould

IMG_1308-001  The “mould” used to mold the receipt (recipe), Coarse Gingerbread, is one of the Laxa family reproductions from their family collection of molding boards used exclusively within the Gingerbread Guild.  This one is labeled Carriage Picture and dated 1575.

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Print It

IMG_1303-001  The early 17th century receipt (recipe) for Coarse Gingerbread from Gervase Markham’s The English Housewife directs after the seethed (boiled) honey, bread crumbs and spices are kneaded well together to print it.  I am using a late 16th century reproduction of a gingerbread mould.

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Ginger the Moulds

IMG_1295-001  After the seethed honey is added to the white bread grated mixed with ginger, cloves, cinnamon, liquorice and aniseeds, the batter for the receipt (recipe), Coarse Gingerbread, is kneaded.  The moulds are heavily gingered before printing the gingerbread.

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Powder of Ginger …Aniseeds

IMG_1289-001  Put to the grated bread crumbs  for the receipt (recipe), Coarse Gingerbread, are the powder of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and a little liquorice and aniseeds.

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White Bread Grated

IMG_1285-001   The early gingerbreads contained the ingredients described by the name: ginger and bread.  In the receipt (recipe) for Coarse Gingerbread, after the honey is seethed till it be brown, then take fine crumbs of white bread grated, and put to it.

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Seethe Till Brown

IMG_1282-001   For the 17th century receipt (recipe) for Coarse Gingerbread, the first step is to Take a quart of honey clarified, and seethe it till it be brown.

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Tansie the Best Way

IMG_1666-001   To make a Tansie the best way (see previous posts for details) is dished up by sprinkling with rose-vinegar and strewing on a good store fine sugar.  Other alternates to the rose-vinegar are grape-verjuice, elder-vinegar, cowslip vinegar, or the juyce of three or four oranges.

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Fry It in Spoonfuls

IMG_1663-001  After the tansie ingredients (egg, cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, grated bread) are broken as it thickens, the whole is removed from the frying pan and the fry pan is made very clean, put in some more butter, melt it, and fry it in spoonfuls being finely fried on both sides for the receipt (recipe), To make a Tansie the best way.

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Take a Clean Frying Pan

IMG_1660-001  After the stamped tansy juice has been added to the eggs, cream, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and grated bread mixture for the receipt (recipe), To make a Tansie the best way, then take a clean frying pan, and a quarter of a pound of butter, melt it, and, put in the tansie, and stir it continually over the fire with a slice, ladle, or saucer, chop it and break it as it thickens.

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Stamp Some Tansie

IMG_1656-001  The eggs, cream, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and grated bread are mixed all together with a little salt, then the stamped tansie herbs are strained into the cream and eggs for the receipt (recipe), To make a Tansie the best way.  The stone mortar and pestle was used for “stamping” and the linen cloth to strain the juice into the batter from the stamped tansy.

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