Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | February 23, 2011

Men of Sorghum in Honor of Lincoln

Sorghum Gingerbread Men

On President’s Day I chose to honor the celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, by making sorghum gingerbread.  Abraham used stories throughout his political career which included childhood memories in parable form.

That reminds me of something a boy said to me when I was about ten years old.  Once in awhile my mother used to get some sorghum and some ginger and mix us up a batch of gingerbread.  It wasn’t often, and it was our biggest treat.  One day I smelled it and came into the house to get my share while it was hot.  I found she had baked me three gingerbread men…  This past week I had the rarity of obtaining some pure sorghum molasses (syrup) and I had some ginger and used my tin baker to bake my simple hand rolled gingerbread men.  Happy birthday Abe!  a few days late.
At my May 14th class at Historic Speedwell, class members will be using my tin baker for baking.  Visit my website at for more information on the class/workshop page.
(The source for my tin baker is posted on my food history source page)


  1. If anyone is interested in a book about Lincoln and food, try a book by Wayne Temple and Eliza Leslie titled “The taste is in my mouth a little– ” : Lincoln’s victuals and potables.

    It is filled with research on specific foods he ate along with the various sources the information came from plus a reprint of a cookbook used by Mary Todd Lincoln.

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