Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | March 12, 2011

Troughs for Maple Sap (Step 2 in Maple Sugaring)

Making a trough for the sap

I posted the first step in historic maple sugaring on March 4th with the post “A Spile for Sap”.  Trough making was more involved than making a spile!  I must confess even though I worked hard at completing the task with the bowl adze and have healing blisters to show for it, I did not have a finished trough by lunchtime but it somewhat looked like it was getting there.  I went to lunch and the instructor had it completed by the time I got back!  I tried to make myself feel somewhat better by saying that I had left the easy part.  These troughs were used for collecting the sap prior to the coopered sap bucket.  About 1840’s-1850’s there were more coopered sap buckets in use than troughs.  The troughs, typically of poplar or ash would last approximately 4 years. 

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  1. Excellent post, thank you. I had no idea they used troughs. I have put this link on my blog.
    A Woodsrunner’s Diary.

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