Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | May 7, 2011

Too make syrup of vilets


It was a breezy day as I picked the very last of the violets of the season.  The choices were to preserve them with gum arabic and sugar, make violet cakes, or make syrup of vilets-a 17th century receipt of Gulielma Penn.  I chose the latter and picked them very Clene as I only wanted the “blue” colored part of each petal.  The petals were a peutor pott, with water and the fire with a few embers under and a bout the pot till they bee enough.  When enough (the water was very blue), the violets were strained out and a pound and a 1/2 of suger was put to 1/2 a pint of juce.  This blue syrup will give a lovely blue color to my calf’s foot jelly.

Next Saturday, May 14th, I will be conducting a hearth cooking class in New Jersey.  Visit my web site at for details to register.  There are only one or two openings as I post this  to my blog.

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