Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | May 21, 2011

Tulip Plate of Comfits

Comfits in Sweetmeat Glasses

The comfits in the six handblown glass sweetmeat glasses represent 12 days of comfit making.  Each time I use my comfit pan, I apply twelve charges (layers) of sugar syrup to each seed or spice.  My goal is to have 60 coatings of sugar on my carraway seeds.   The center sweetmeat glass contains clove comfits with 24 coatings of sugar.  Starting with the darker colored comfits by my hand and going clockwise are caraway comfits with 12 layers of cochineal colored sugar, caraway comfits with 48 charges of sugar, caraway comfits with 24 layers, caraway comfits with 12 layers, and last clove comfits with 12 charges.  I find the presentation of the comfits on my pewter reproduction tulip plate very pleasing.  See my food history source listing for more information on the plate.

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