Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | June 18, 2011

Mysteries of Slip-Sgraffito

All My Tiles!

With slip cup in hand, I am posing with all the slip-decorated redware tiles that I made.  I found that I was best with slip at the early redware slip decoration-the wavy line!  I have the utmost admiration for potters who use slip with great dexterity and reproduce decorations of the past.  I was much more competent with the Pennsylvania German technique of Sgraffito-to scratch.  I am holding a redware tile that was completely covered with a white slip (a mixture of white clay and water) and then the design was carefully “scratched” removing the almost dry slip to create the design with the color of the red clay.  Other techniques that are shown are slip applied with a sponge and with a feather after laying slip lines with the slip cup.  I had a wonderful day trying my hand at slip with Mary Ferrell of Westmoore Pottery being a patient, excellent teacher.  I now await the final results after my masterpieces have been fired.

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