Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | September 14, 2011

Turning the Corn

Turning the corn

 In order to prepare Tasemenana (see Tasemenana-Preserving Green Corn post), the corn needs to be turned from time to time, until it was golden brown all around the ears.  This picture shows well the eight-rowed white Lenape flour corn being turned as it begins the browning process.  I am processing only two ears,  Touching Leaves Woman was accustomed to turning all the ears in a pit in the center of the field-20 foot long and about 10′ wide.

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  1. So you are roasting and drying the corn at the same time? This will be ground into meal? Thank you, enjoy your blog.

    • Touching Leaves Woman describes the preserved tasemenana is used cooked with meat. I see it used the same as hominy reconstituted in water as most foods were and providing a different flavor than the hominy. Wanishi for your questions and comment

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