Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | September 30, 2011

Drying Squash

Drying Squash

When I posted a recent blog on Squash Rings and Woven Rabbit, several readers had questions on drying squash.  One of those questions was “Did I leave the skin on or peel it off?”  The answer is yes I left the skin on.  Once I cut the squash in rings, I use either cordage (think thin rope or twine) or a stick (as pictured) to place the rings on the drying rack.  The drying rack is located in the center of a Lenape village when it gets the direct rays of the sun.  Since squash has a high water content, when the squash is completely dry the skin is very prominent.

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  1. Is the skin discarded ? I really like this. For the South, with its high humidity,
    care would need to be taken that there was no moisture left in the squash and that it be stored in an airtight container/bag. Now I will begin on the
    acorn and Seminole squash from my garden.

  2. How do you serve this squash? Do you rehydrate it and cook it or eat it raw?

    • I am drying the squash in the same manner as the Lenape and other native groups. I use it in the same manner that they did as well by reconstituting it in water with other dried foods. The skin is eaten.

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