Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | January 18, 2012

Pre-Blog Bite: Plucking

Plucking a Rooster

  This picture  of my plucking a rooster is over ten years old!  And what memories it brings back to me!  I have not kept count of how many chickens, roosters, turkeys, peacocks that I have plucked but it is many.  Fortunately, I did not have to do the “deed” but I would find the bird hanging on my “plucking rack” and still warm which is the best time to start plucking.  I would use the wet method of plucking to limit the tearing of the skin and allow visitors that “ah ha” moment of realizing that the birds packaged in the grocery store were living birds!  It is an awesome demonstration but for  some aspects I would place myself in an area where visitors had a choice of whether to view or not.  Roosters were frequently awaiting me as only one is needed for the hens.

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