Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | March 8, 2012

The Gridiron

Reproduction and original gridiron

I have this fascination for gridirons, which were used for what we now currently refer to as broiling.  Being made of wrought iron, gridirons with their characteristic almost parallel metal bars were commonplace at the hearth.  Typical of early gridirons are flatter bars but unlike the reproduction  (left), it was important for the bars to slant down toward the handle to minimize the fat dripping on the coals.  The original gridiron (right) slants nicely to the handle, has grooved bars which channel the fat into a reservoir in the handle.  Notice the splayed rear legs, this was for placing the gridiron on a grate.  There was an increased use of cooking grates in England in the 18th century and this gridiron functions well either down hearth or on a grate. My next open hearth cooking class is May 19th at Historic Speedwell!       Visit my website at:

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