Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | March 27, 2012

Redware Cooking Pot or Large Pipkin

Large Pipkin with Lid

There were several questions as to the source of the large pipkin (or Redware Cooking Pot) that was used in my hearth cooking class for the Mushroom Pattie receipt.  As you can see in the picture, there were two large lidded pipkins at the hearth that day warming by the fire.  That is the key to the successful use of redware pipkins or stew pots at the hearth-heat them slowly and coal them gradually so that they will not crack.

I have added the source for these Redware Cooking Pots (Large Pipkins) to my Food History Sources page.

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  1. Susan,

    Where did you get the metal pots to cook in?


    • Dear Sandie,

      I remember purchasing the spider from a sutler at a clothing symposium years ago and my kettles have come from various sources over many years. If and when I come across my receipts for them, I will post some sources. Sorry I do not have more specific information at this time. I have collected hearth cooking equipment for a long time now.


      • What are they made off?

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