Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | June 28, 2012

Humulus Lupulus

Adding Hops to the Spruce Beer

I am adding a rye straw basket of Humulus lupulus (hops) to the water, twigs of spruce fir and ginger  mixture.  Hops is a very tall climbing plant that produces flower clusters.  These clusters when dried are added to beer to provide flavor and serve as a preservative.

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  1. Saw your basket used to add hops to your spruce beer. Curious, is it the one I made? I volunteered at Landis Valley Museum where I learned and made these baskets. I would donate them to the museum store for them to sell. I still demo these baskets in Missouri where I live now. If not mine, could you let me know from who? Eager to hear a reply. Thanks.
    Mike Yeomans

    • Mike,

      I have purchased rye straw baskets from several different locations including Landis Valley Museum. The one pictured could very well be one that you made. I do not have the information of all the locations but the name of the maker is frequently not available.


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