Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | October 24, 2012

SunRoot Bread Ready for Baking

SunRoot bread ready to bake

Once the sifted SunRoot flour is sifted, mixed with water, it is kneaded into a bread.  The bread pictured is now ready for baking.

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  1. This is fascinating! I used to grow Jerusalem artichokes but only ever used them as a vegetable or for soup. Is the bread leavened in any way? Is it very close textured? I wonder what it’s keeping quality is with it coming from a root not a grain?

    • The Jerusalem artichoke bread is made in the Native American manner. It is the same process as making bread from the flour corn hominy (posts on that process are in my blog). There is no leavening but it is important to knead it well to obtain a good bread. I have not tested the “keeping quality” but I doubt that it is good. My thoughts are that the bread was eaten almost immediately (day or two)

      • Most probably it was most delicious when fresh… so maybe it didn’t last because it was all eaten!
        Your blog is wonderful, I love exploring it – there’s so much to see!

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