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What is Baking?

Tin Bakers

Tin Bakers

The tin baker uses the reflected heat from the fire to bake the product placed inside.  At my October 20, 2012 hearth cooking class, Corn Batter Cakes were baked in two of my tin bakers.

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  1. Hi Susan, I enjoy your blog very much, and I appreciate your dedication to historical accuracy. I’m very curious about your tin bakers. These bakers are reminiscent of the warming ovens seen in Neumann’s “Early American Antique Country Funishings” (pg 188), however, yours appear to be considerably smaller. I am by no means calling into question their appropriateness. While historical accuracy is important to me, I believe one should resist dogmas when the sample of resources is small (in other words, there are far too many H.C. experts in this world, and I try not to be one of them). Rather, I’m wondering if these are “inspired” by the larger tin kitchens or if they are based on actual surviving specimens or documentation…and if they are replicas, are you willing to share your sources? Thank you in advance for your reply. And thank you for your posts.

  2. Kevin,

    I am very familiar with George Neumann’s book and utilize it frequently. I have both an original “warming oven” (tin baker) and a reproduction in full scale. For hearth cooking classes, where I focus on technique and have limited space at the hearth, I frequently use the two scaled-down versions. This allows for teaching the technique and flexibility at the hearth for twelve students. To my knowledge, there are no originals of this size and my thoughts have been that they are “inspired”. If anyone knows otherwise, please comment. My full size replica came from Old Sturbridge Village.
    Thank you for your kind words about the blog!

    Cook from the Heart!


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