Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | February 22, 2013

To make Ginger-Bread Cakes

To make Ginger-Bread Cakes

To make Ginger-Bread Cakes

Reently I prepared Hannah Glasse’s 18th century receipt for To make Ginger-Bread Cakes.  They were so well-liked that I am posting the receipt (recipe):  Take three Pounds of Flour, one Pound of Sugar, one Pound of Butter, rubbed in very fine, two Ounces of Ginger beat fine, a large Nutmeg grated; then take a Pound of Treakle, a quarter of a Pint of Cream, make them warm together, and make up the Bread stiff, roll it out, and make it up into thin Cakes, cut them out with a Tea-Cup, or a small Glass, or roll them round like Nuts, bake them on Tin Plates in a slack Oven.  Treakle is molasses.

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  1. what is the treakle?

  2. Treakle is a dark viscous syrup that is a by-product of the refining of sugar. The term is used more frequently in England and in the United States molasses is the term.

    • thank you so much for that nice lesson. It is good to learn something new every day. Love reading your stuff.

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