Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | March 15, 2013

Knots or Gumballs



To serve with the tea, a receipt (recipe) for To make Knots or Gumballs was prepared.  Take 12 yolks of Eggs, & 5 Whites, a pound of searced Sugar, half a pound of Butter washed in Rose Waterr, 3 quarters of an ounce of Mace finely beaten, a little Salt dissoved in Rose Water, half an ounce of Carroway-seed, and the same of Aniseed.  Mingle all these together with as much Flower as will worke it up in paste, & soe make it Knots or Rings or What fashion you please.  The Knots are baking in a tin baker.

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  1. Those were fun! And they tasted good, too!

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