Posted by: hearttohearthcookery | October 3, 2013

Corn Pudding

IMG_7467-001  When Hannah Marshall’s hand-written receipt (recipe)for Corn Pudding finished cooking in the bake kettle, it was brown around the edges with a wonderful aroma of corn.  The receipt consisted of twenty Ears grated Corn, half a Pint of new milk, two or three Eggs, three large spoonfuls of brown Sugar, and a little Salt.

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  1. Susan, I would love to compare this to a recipe my husband’s family has used for special occasions as long as I have known them. I think it came from an old Chesapeake family. The only real difference I see is the lack of butter and flour (which is minimal). How much corn did you actually use? Corn yield is so different now that 20 ears would be a lot.
    Jen Dobyns

    • Jen,

      I used 20 ears of 18 row sweet corn. My goal was to find sweet corn with the least number of rows. The total amount of batter fit into a reproduction redware dish perfectly.


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