Moonwater Woman

Susan's display at the Pow Wow This weekend, June 9th and 10th, 2012, I will be participating in Artifest program at the Museum of Indian Culture, Fish Hatchery Rd. in Allentown, PA.  I will be demonstrating Lenape foodways both days from 10:00 am to 6 pm.  Please come by if you are in the area and say Hey!


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  1. Read your intro on Native-Cooking-L and noticed your use of the word Wanishi…then had to check out this site. What a find for me! I am from NJ and transplanted to SC…I so miss the opportunity to enjoy events that feature Lenape history and culture.


    • Hey Marnie! I will be posting and changing this page with the Lenape foodways activities that I do. So please visit often.


      Moonwater Woman

  2. I saw your post on Native Cooking. I enjoyed viewing your blog and will visit your website soon. I am Creek-Cherokee and am also a dietitian.

  3. This is a wonderful site. I attend every Pow Wow whenever possible. May I ask what you dry the corn silks for? Thank you.

    • Deborah,

      Wanishi for your nice comments! The dried corn silks were added to food and they gave flavor and thickening.


  4. Do you have a direct telephone number of cell number and/or e-mail address to talk to you in person about Native foods? My name is Scott Goodlow from Atlanta, Georgia cell 770-294-7429, e-mail I was interested in any weekend volunteer projects that I can fly up north to meet you and get some insight about creating a Native Food business, brainstorming ideas would be nice. Kindest Regards, Scott Goodlow

  5. I realize how busy you are with all that you do. I want to make genuine American rootbeer and wanted to see if you have any suggestions,recipes or any future classes on teaching how to make your own natural carbonated beverages and native american beverages. Thank you. Scott Goodlow

    • Scott,
      That is still on my round-to-it list which is very long. I will never forget my Mother’s experiment when I was young making root beer. It was momorable but not for the right reasons 🙂

  6. What are your favorite Native beverages and do you have recipes for them.? Down south the clover flowers are blooming and the flower tea made with clover honey is exceptional. Scott

  7. When are you doing your next Native Foidways class ? Do you have any classes on wild rafting the foods as well? Scott Goodlow,770-294-7429

    • Hi Scott, I have not had a Native foodways class now for years now and do not have one on my calendar at this time. I do many demonstrations and talks but not classes.

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